A  B  O  U  T      B  Y  C  H  I  E  N

provides profesional makeup



BYCHIÈN is a makeup artist agency established to provide premium makeup services for all occasions. With strict quality control and many years of experience, our makeup artists have developed an SOP that gives satisfaction to every customer that have used our services.

We only use premium makeup products like Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Cle De Peau, Chanel, Dior, YSL, etc. for all our services. We also provide consultations before and after every service so that you can rest assured that we are always there for you.

Makeup Artist Agency

Our physical store spans over 5000 sqft located in the center of KL it includes makeup stations, workshop space, training centre, production studio, in-house office, cafe and a social space to recruit and train makeup artists. With proper and strict guidance, we will groom the best makeup artists. We also provide full support so you don’t have to worry about accounting, management, and marketing all by yourself. Just be a professional artist and we will help you get there.


What is BYCHIÈN?

BYCHIÈN is a makeup artist agency established in 2019. Our vision is to become the first ever and largest makeup artist platform that provides quality and premium makeover solutions.

Our physical store, which spans over 5000sqft, opened its doors in early September 2019. It consists of makeup stations, workshop space, training center, production studio, in-house office, cafe and a social space to recruit and train artists to become professionals.

Apart from the beautifully renovated physical platform, BYCHIÈN also invest in complex online platform with integrated booking payment, CMS and CRM systems so that it does not drift too far from the latest technology and is able to expand its business.

Why choose BYCHIÈN?

Many makeup artist graduates often fail to sustain in the industry or not sure what steps should they take after graduating.

With that said, we believe BYCHIÈN serves as a platform that trains and supports any individuals who aspire to be a professional makeup artist. The support includes front and back office, customer service, training, jobs, and even artist replacements on their sick days.

Besides, we aim to nurture a brand that gives trust and assurance to clients by following a strict SOP and having quality control.

Maven Coffee @ BYCHIÈN

Maven Coffee Store just opened a pop up store at Fraser Business Park.

Now, people won’t have to drive all the way to Shamelin Star Residence just to have their freshly brewed coffee.

Here, they can still enjoy high-quality coffee, just the way they like it.